Version 29

    What is the JBoss Microcontainer?


    The JBoss Microcontainer is a refactoring of JBoss's JMX Microkernel to support direct POJO deployment and standalone use outside the JBoss application server.




    • All the features of the JMX Microkernel

    • Direct POJO deployment (no need for Standard/XMBean or MBeanProxy)

    • Direct IOC style dependency injection

    • Improved lifecycle management

    • Additional control over dependencies


    Getting involved

    Do you want to be a microcontainer committer? Take a look at the [currently outstanding tasks in















    The Microcontainer source is located in the SVN jbossas repository under the URL

    . The anonymous access URL is



    The Microcontainer source is split into several different projects

    • aop-mc-int - the aop integration

    • classloader - new classloader model, prepared to handle OSGi CL style

    • container - general metadata utilities, and virtual file system usuable across projects

    • dependency - a generic dependency state machine

    • deployers - the virtual deployment framework (VDF) spi and abstractions.

    • guice-int - guice integration

    • kernel - the microcontainer adding xml deployment and "javabeans" to the above two projects

    • managed

    • metatype

    • JBoss OSGi - osgi integration

    • reliance-identity - define identity as a MC POJO service

    • reliance-rules - define your dependencies with Drools

    • reliance-jbpm - define your dependencies with jBPM

    • spring-int - spring integration


    The project can be built using maven 2.  From the parent directory:

    mvn install

    This will compile the source, run the tests, and package the jars.

    More information can be found on the Maven pages.




    Once you have it checked out, follow the maven build instructions and see the QA release page






    • Les Hazlewood

    • And many patches gratefully received from the community with thanks.