Version 5

    JBoss Microcontainer High Level Road Map




    This is not a replacement for JIRA. It is intended to give an overview of what

    needs doing (across multiple projects) for JBoss5 to complete the first stages of the Microcontainer integration. Some of this isn't necessarily "first stage".


    This initial draft is a "brain dump" - it isn't complete.


    I will link comments sections to discussion threads and JIRA tasks as I have the time, we discuss them

    and I create the more detailed information


    AOP/MC integration

    • Proxy - Simple proxy similar to org.jboss.proxy (don't expose the plumbing)

    • ClassAdapter - Class/Instance integration between the MC and AOP for cross cutting dependencies (still needs agreement)

    • Decorators - "Introductions" based on contextual metadata and MC lifecycle


    AOP Metadata

    • Annotations - Integration between MC annotation overrides and AOP annotation processing

    • Metadata - contextual deployment (integration with domains for applications/subsystems) with runtime overrides and transport from the client

    • Typesafe metadata

    • Javassist instead of reflection for ClassInfo


    AOP Deployment

    • MC Beans - IOC style deployment of AOP metadata

    • Simplified XML - Use case and simplified xml to hide the complexity for common cases



    • VFS ClassLoader/Domain - linked with context


    Microcontainer configuration

    • Tidyup the configurator and fix/test the classloading properly

    • Make the BeanInfo available to others, e.g. xml parser

    • Make the errors more human readable

    • Types/objects from getters - i.e. getter is a factory for the property


    Microcontainer metadata

    • Annotations

    • Anonymous beans and beans as values


    Microcontainer Lifecycle/dependency

    • Monomorphic injection

    • Abstract dependency "write your own dependency"

    • Install/Uninstall


    Microcontainer deployment

    • Schema driven xml

    • Use case deployments (simplified deployments)

    • Relax xml ordering

    • Separate deployment/bean

    • Enhance deployment to provide more defaults for beans



    • Schema metadata driven - holders, extensible type system, etc.

    • Solve the XSD parsing performance

    • Remove dependency on Xerces

    • Mix and Match different deployments in the same file/deployment


    JBoss5 integration (JBoss5HighLevelRoadMap)

    • Integrate ServiceController with KernelController

    • MBeans gain MC features

    • Bootstrap issues MC/AOP/JMX



    • New pojoized JCA implementation

    • JMX implementaton using AOP invocation model



    • Better getting started guide

    • More concrete real world examples

    • Reference docs

    • Glossary of terms


    Aspectized deployment

    • VDF (virtual deployment framework)

    • Structural deploymers

    • Aspect deployments



    • Need the API/SPI multi-directional admin <-> management/deployment <-> runtime

    • Implement "JBoss4 compatible" profile

    • JSR88 integration


    Standard decorators

    • JNDI binding

    • JMX

    • JSR77

    • ENC


    Deployment aspects

    • replicated

    • state

    • ha-singleton

    • valve(s)


    Porting layer

    • Factories for different target environments



    Microcontainer based test framework