Version 4


    The microkernel has three main components:

    • Server

      - this is the bootstrap/controlling service

    • JBoss/JMX

      - the jmx implementation

    • System

      - additional services and support classes


    The Server

    The server is responsible for the bootstrap. It instantiates the jmx MBeanServer,

    registers itself, and a couple of other MBeans for basic management.

    Finally it adds the deployers.



    The JMX implementation provides the BUS onto which all services are registered.

    It also provides the classloading implementation that enables HotDeployment.


    The System

    The JBoss Microkernel is made up of three distinct components:


    Service Management

    • ServiceCreator

      - instantiates Services

    • ServiceConfigurator

      - configures Services

    • ServiceController

      - manages Service lifecyle and dependencies


    Support classes

    MBean abstractions for the components that make up a server

    • Services

      - an abstract service with support for lifecycle management

    • Deployer

      - an extension to a service that is capable of deploying other services.

    • Scanners

      - for monitoring and redeploying changed configuration

    • DeploymentInfo

      - a common meta data object for deployments



    The deployers are responsible for creating other services from configuration.

    The three core deployers are:

    • MainDeployer

      - a registry of deployers that knows about all deployers

    • JARDeployer

      - for deploying jar and zip archives

    • SARDeployer

      - for deploying service archives