Version 22

    JBoss.NET style Web Services


    JBoss.NET is an early JBoss web service project lead by Dr. Christoph Jung. It is available in the jboss-3.x series and no longer installed in a jboss-4.x configuration. JBoss.NET has entered end of life and will not be developed further.


    Portable J2EE-1.4 compliant web services, available in jboss-4.x are covered by JBossWS.


    Why use JBoss.NET


    • use your existing non j2ee webservices in jboss

    • web service access to Stateful Session Beans and MBeans

    • axis style wsr deployments

    • easy deployment using xdoclet

    • mail transport


    HOWTO switch between JBossWS4EE/JBoss.NET


    Before you can use JBoss.NET you need to remove JBossWS4EE and install JBoss.NET manually.

    Here is what you need to do from the module dir


        <!-- delete jboss-ws4ee implementation -->
        <delete dir="${jboss.home}/server/${server}/deploy/jboss-ws4ee.sar/" ></delete>
        <delete file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-ws4ee-client.jar" ></delete>
        <!-- install jboss-net implementation -->
        <copy todir="${jboss.home}/client" file="${build.lib}/jboss-net-client.jar" overwrite="true" ></copy>
        <copy todir="${jboss.home}/server/${server}/deploy/jboss-net.sar" overwrite="true">
          <fileset dir="${build.lib}/jboss-net.sar" ></fileset>

    If you work from the source, there are 'deploy' targets in the module respectively.


    The binaries for JBoss.Net are distributed under ${jboss.home}/docs/examples/ Note that *JBoss.Net was

    removed* from the source code as of AS 4.0.4. If you want 4.0.4+ with JBoss.Net, follow the above deletion instructions and then recursively copy jboss-net.sar/ from 4.0.3 or earlier into deploy/.


    Examples and Tutorials

    Two tutorials by Bruce Scharlau


    A great tutorial by Neal Sanche


    Two tutorials by Frank Bille Jensen