Version 21

    What is JBoss NS?


    JBoss implementation of the of the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI).


    NamingService Configuration


    Available InitialContext Factories


    Running the naming service over alternate transports


    Securing JNDI


    Adding Bindings to JNDI


    Project Source Locations

    For JBossAS 4.x and earlier, the JBossNS codebase is located in the JBosAS project codebase under the naming module. The svn links are:


    As of the JBossAS 5.x releases, the naming server codebase has been broken out into a separate project that can be used independent of JBossAS. Its svn links are:


    JBossNS 5.x uses mvn to build the jnpserver.jar and jnpclient.jar artifacts.