Version 2
    I am happy to announce the release of JBossOSGi-1.0.0.Beta8.

    You can download the binary here: jboss-osgi-installer-1.0.0.Beta8.jar

    The release comes with improvements in the following areas
    • Integrate Apache Felix resolver
    • Added support for DynamicImport-Package
    • Implementation of the StartLevel Service
    • Remove Felix and Equinox from the Installer (JBoss Framework reached  acceptance threshold)
    For details please have a look at the latest version of our User  Guide.

    Here are the change log details


    • [JBOSGI-151] -          Cannot resolve circular dependencies
    • [JBOSGI-213] -          Unexpected dependee state changes
    • [JBOSGI-317] -          Context is already registered in domain DefaultDomain
    • [JBOSGI-318] -          Linkage error for javax.servlet.Servlet in AS600
    • [JBOSGI-319] -          LinkageError for the type javax/servlet/Servlet
    • [JBOSGI-323] -          DynamicImport-Package takes presendence over embedded classes
    • [JBOSGI-324] -          Cannot start EventAdmin service in AS
    • [JBOSGI-326] -          MC service does not maintain properties
    • [JBOSGI-334] -          Fix Start Level Support from the webconsole
    • [JBOSGI-338] -          Cannot obtain EventAdmin service
    • [JBOSGI-341] -          Endless loop at AS server startup
    • [JBOSGI-342] -          Bundle resolution depends on install order
    • [JBOSGI-344] -          When stopping the framework, bundles need to be taken down in  reverse startlevel order
    • [JBOSGI-348] -          EventAdmin unexpectedly unregistered in Runtime
    Feature Request

    • [JBOSGI-138]  -         Proper system BundleContext implementation
    • [JBOSGI-143] -          Add support for DynamicImport-Package
    • [JBOSGI-184] -          Allow for overlay of jboss-osgi-bootstrap.xml
    • [JBOSGI-311] -          Provide access to org.osgi.jmx API in OSGiFrameworkTest
    • [JBOSGI-320] -          Integrate Apache Felix resolver
    • [JBOSGI-332] -          Enhance the StartLevel plugin to support specification of start  level
    • [JBOSGI-333] -          Make it possible to specify the initial start level of the  system
    • [JBOSGI-94]  -           Remove DeploymentProvidedDeploymentUnitFilter
    • [JBOSGI-235] -          Verify system classpath access
    • [JBOSGI-301] -          Enable VFS3 leak detection in runtime
    • [JBOSGI-310] -          Link generated javadoc to org.osgi API
    • [JBOSGI-314] -          Change Hudson QA setup to work with Git
    • [JBOSGI-315] -          Integrate jboss-osgi-http in distribution
    • [JBOSGI-316] -          Verify integrity of the jboss-osgi-framework-all.jar
    • [JBOSGI-327] -          Add support for JBossAS-6.0.0.M3
    • [JBOSGI-328] -          Merge framework vfs30 support with core
    • [JBOSGI-335] -          Ensure that start levels are supported via JMX
    • [JBOSGI-349] -          Remove Felix and Equinox from the Installer
    • [JBOSGI-350] -          Add OSGi Alliance trade mark to images in userguide
    • [JBOSGI-351] -          Release jboss-osgi-1.0.0.Beta8
    • [JBOSGI-352] -          Remove dependency on osgi deployers project
    • [JBOSGI-139] -          Implement system BundleContext.loadClass()
    • [JBOSGI-278] -          Revisit ControllerContext handling