Version 9

    JBoss OSGi Source Code

    The source code of the JBoss OSGi project is hosted at and divided over a number of source code repositories.

    All projects are built using Maven 3.


    General information on building can be found here: JBoss OSGi Building Form Source.

    For guildelines regarding the development procedure, see: JBoss OSGi Development Sequence.


    This document lists the various components and source code repositories related to the JBoss OSGi project.

    Umbrella - The umbrella project builds the JBoss OSGi project in its entirety and runs system tests suites over it. The Umbrella project contains the following system test suites:

    • example tests - these tests are provided as examples for users and are documented in the user's guide.
    • functional system tests
    • performance tests

    Additionally, the Umbrella contains the build system for the javadoc and the installer (see JBoss OSGi Building the Installer) the setup configuration for Hudson (see JBoss OSGi Hudson QA) and the TCK setup scripts (see JBoss OSGi Tck Setup).


    More information on working with the umbrella can be found here: JBoss OSGi Umbrella.


    AS Integration - AS Integration resides in the AS codebase.


    Framework - This is the project where most of the actual JBoss OSGi Framework implementation lives.


    Resolver - This codebase integrates the Apache Felix resolver, which is the resolver used by the JBoss OSGi project.


    SPI - Service Provider Interface.


    VFS - The JBoss OSGi Virtual File System.


    Blueprint - Implementation of the OSGi Blueprint Specification.