Version 4

    In Feb-2009  Ales and Thomas met in the exciting town of Vrhnika (Slovenia) to talk about the current status and future direction of the JBoss OSGi effort. Here is a short report of what we talked about and how we would like to see the project move forward.


    There are several lines of effort that we want to pursue



    Provide an integration platform for 3rd party OSGi Frameworks


    This effort is about a Service Provider Interface (SPI) that you can use to plug-in various 3rd party OSGi Frameworks. We will integrate Apache Felix, Eclipse Equinox and Knopflerfish. JBoss OSGi useres can hot-deploy their bundles on the JBoss OSGi Platform which then delegates the actual work to the OSGi Framework that is currently deployed.


    OSGi bundle deployment and management are unified for every supported OSGi Framework. This should get folks started on JBoss OSGi while we work on providing OSGi functionality directly on the  the JBoss Microcontainer


    We hope to have this work completed in Apr/2009


    Provide an OSGi Compliant Runtime


    Providing an OSGi Compliant Runtime through the JBoss Microcontainer will be our main focus. OSGi concepts that are already present in Microcontainer (i.e. class loading) will be made available through the standard OSGi API. A facade on top of the Microcontainer will do the delegation work. Ultimately, we want to OSGi enable the JBoss services that already run on the Microcontainer.


    This will be an effort that has a defined target, which is to pass the OSGi TCK with the Microcontainer based implementation.


    We aim to have good results for JBoss World in Sep/2009.


    Enable OSGi for various JBoss services


    With this effort we help the various JBoss projects to OSGi enable their respective services.


    This will be an ongoing effort.


    Enterprise OSGi involvement


    In parallel we aim to get more involved in the Enterprise OSGi specification effort.