Version 5

    Issue Restarting JBoss ON After JBoss ON Server Machine Crashes


    If the machine that you are running the JBoss Operations Network (JON) Server on crashes for some reason, or you need to do a forced reboot (i.e. toggle the power switch) then when you restart the machine and restart the JON server you may hit the following issue when you try to log in.




    1. the JON Server appears to start up and displays the progress bar in a web browser as well as a login screen

    2. when you log in you get an error screen with the following information " Could not instantiate bean; CausedByException is: Could not instantiate bean; nested exception is: javax.ejb.EJBException"

    3. if you have access to terminal in which the JON Server started in then you will see the following "Stopping JON built-in database...pg_ctl: could not send stop signal (PID: xxxx): No such process"




    1. if the JON Server is using the embedded Postgres database, it spawns a postmaster process (the postgres daemon) and then keeps track of the process ID for this process in the file hqdb/data/ under the JON Server install directory

    2. on a normal shutdown, this file is removed

    3. in a crash or forced reboot this file is not removed, however when the JON Server attempts to restart it does not start a new instance of postgres as the existance of the file causes it to believe one is already running, this results in the above symptoms




    1. before restarting the JON Server, double-check that the postmaster process is not running

    2. remove the file hqdb/data/ from the JON Server install directory

    3. start the JON Server