Version 2

    You can check it out from:


    The structure is:



    labs-3.0-build    - core       - core-api <-- all api used in services and views - mainly interfaces, common classes etc. Packed as jar.       - core-model <-- Entity classes and all around them used in services and views. Packed as jar.    - services <- services module. Dependencies for services etc       - foo-service <-- example service. All services have their own persistence.xml class and specify entity classes. They're packed as .ejb3.    - maven-labs-plugin <-- labs plugin. Please execute mvn install here, before doing antyhing else.    - thirdparty <-- server, portal, libraries etc. You can easly add your own libraries.    - configuration <-- same as "configuration" in old build. Those files are copied to server on install/deploy (depending on the folder inside)    - labs-archetypes <-- currently one archetype for generating service project    - views <-- folder with all views. Adds core labs dependencies for all projects.       - foo-view <-- example servlet view



    Short usage instruction (available in repo as well)




    1. Environment setup.


    To set up environment, first set your JBOSS_HOME environment variable OR copy to and set your jboss home dir there and then execute


    mvn labs:setup



    2. Build and deploy


    To recompile(build) and deploy

    mvn install OR mvn


    3. New modules

    • NOTE Please execute below commands after executing build system at least once.


    3.1 New service


    To create new sceleton of service project


    ./ $


    3.2 New servlet


    To create new sceleton of servlet in views


    ./ $


    3.3 New portlet


    To create new sceleton of portlet in views


    ./ $ 3.4 New ear service (ejb3 + war in ear) ./ $


    4 IDE Integration


    4.1 Eclipse


    To generate eclipse project files (.classpath, .project) type mvn eclipse:eclipse in root directory, then choose "Import existing projects into Workspace" in Eclipse. Remember to set M2_REPO variable to your maven2

    repository (usually ~/.m2/repository)


    4.2 Idea


    Idea can import project from pom.xml file (just choose root pom.xml)