Version 2

    Quick start guide to productive contributions for JBoss Portal


    Most of this content will inevitably reference existing content and give guidance on exceptions to referenced material.


    The intent of this page is to provide new comers with the necessary information to get up to speed on JBoss Portal development. There is plenty of information on this topic from the JBoss AS perspective but less so from the JBoss Portal perspective. This page should provide folks that are interested in contributing to the development of JBoss Portal with a comfortable launching pad that does not necessary assume a background in the development of JBoss AS.


    Please take a look at the Portal reference manual before anything else.


    Instructions for checking out the latest revision.


    See instructions on Portal's subversion usage. All the commands thereafter will assume that you are at the root of the checked out Portal source code.


    Baseline build from command line


    cd build; sh


    This will create a thirdparty directory containing the libraries needed to compile Portal. This will require internet access and might take a while the first time this is done. Ulterior invocation will just check for updated/new libraries.


    You can deploy Portal by running:


    cd build; sh deploy


    Note that this deploy a bare installation of Portal. You might want to deploy additional modules to augment Portal's capabilities. See Portal's modules list for more information. Alternatively, you can use the deploy-all Ant task that will deploy all the available modules for a complete Portal install.


    Baseline tests from command line


    cd testsuite; sh tests


    You can look at the generated reports by opening testsuite/output/reports/index.html in a browser.


    Configuring the eclipse environment

    The page UsingEclipse describes how JBoss Portal can be imported into Eclipse for development.


    Selecting and working on JIRA issue

    • Iterative development

      • TODO

    • Adding test cases

      • TODO

    • Implementing the fix

      • TODO


    Creating and submitting a patch

      • TODO