Version 5

    Setup JBoss Portal 2.0 beta with MSSQLServer 2000

    1. Download and unzip JBoss portal

    2. Download the attached setup script

    3. Create a database portal using either the CREATE DATABASE statement or MSSQL Enterprise Manager

    4. Create a user with the appropiate rights (assign the user to the roles db_datareader and db_datawriter)

    5. Open the setup script in Query analyzer and press F5

    6. Edit the portal-ds.xml with the appropiate values for MSSQLServer (remember to specify driver-class and connection-url)





    Attached you'll find a setup script for MS SQL Server 2000. The script is made from the original MySql setup script included in the official distribution. Also attached is a portal-ds.xml file that connects to a database server using the JTds driver