Version 5

    The following projects are available.


    MS Exchange portlet


    Develop a portlet to interface with MS Exchange, to enable the user to render calendar information, retrieve mail etc. The portlet should be modifiable by users so that they can personalize credentials for retrieving information.


    LDAP community implementation


    Develop an implementation of JBoss Portal abstraction to enable a community to be managed on top of an LDAP server. A prototype of implementation exists and can map users on an LDAP server. The missing part is the implementation of the roles.


    Generic Email portlet

    A portlet that could expose POP/IMAP/WebMail in the portal for everyone not using Exchange.


    Calendaring Portlet

    A calendaring portlet (possibly leveraging Bedework?) that would allow for personal/group calendaring functions.


    Sticky Note Portlet

    A note portlet that you could attach to a page.



    A non-columnar layout for JBoss Portal that would allow portlets to be placed anywhere on the page.


    Reporting Portlets

    Portlets that would do simple integration of Jasper Reports/BIRT/JFreeChart content into portal.


    Grails Bridge

    A Bridge portlet to grails applications


    Fortune Portlet

    A simple portlet that allows a rotating list of different content.  (Could be like fortune in linux, or list a "Did you know..." tips and tricks type function).


    Todo list

    Maintains a to do list per user, allows assignment of tasks (via email?) that could be imported to other users instances of the To Do list.



    Store/Import a list of bookmarks.



    Allows authorized users to post messages that other portlet users can see.


    File Upload

    Allow users to easily upload files to the CMS, and expose the files in CMS as a directory that can be downloaded from.


    Google Search

    Users can enter a google search and view the results in the portal.



    Publish a blog with an RSS feed.


    Portal IM

    Send Messages to other users logged into the portal.