Version 9

    JBoss Portlet Container


    JBoss Portlet Container is the next generation portlet container on which future versions of JBoss Portal,

    and the JBoss Portal Platform will be based. It provides a standard-compliant implementation

    of the JSR-286 Portlet 2.0 specification. It has been developed with reusability in mind so that advanced users, who don't require a

    full-fledged portal, can leverage the portlet management services it provides in their own applications. JBoss Portlet Container is available

    through the business-friendly LGPL open source license.


    Current Release Info

    JBoss Portlet Container 2.0.0.B1 can be deployed (along with its demonstration portal) on:

      • JBoss Application Server 4.2.x (we recommend using JBoss AS 4.2.2.GA though it's been tested on 4.2.0.GA and 4.2.1.GA as well)

      • Tomcat 6.0.x (tested on 6.0.14 and 6.0.16)

    The bundled versions bundle JBoss AS 4.2.2.GA and Tomcat 6.0.16, respectively.


    Download Portlet Container


    Building from source code


    You will need Maven 2.0.7 and Java 5 to build Portlet Container. Please refer to Maven's website to install and configure Maven. Please note also that Maven 2.0.8 might not work due to changes in the plugin architecture (to be confirmed).


    Obtain the source code:

    You can either:


    From now on, we will assume that $PC_HOME is the root of the source directory.



    • cd $PC_HOME; mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true install will compile and package everything bypassing the tests.

    Note that at this point, you need to run the tests to build the simple demo portal. This will be addressed soon.


    Running the test suite


    Portlet Container comes with an extensive test suite that can run on JBoss AS 4.2.x and Tomcat 6.0.x. You will therefore need to have either of these servlet containers installed. The Portlet Container test suite will launch the tests on several different servlet containers at once depending on the status of several environment variables, which can be set or passed to Maven using the -Dvariable=value command line argument:

    • $JBOSS_4_2_0_HOME to run the tests on JBoss AS 4.2.0

    • $JBOSS_4_2_1_HOME to run the tests on JBoss AS 4.2.1

    • $JBOSS_4_2_2_HOME to run the tests on JBoss AS 4.2.2 (to be checked)

    • $TOMCAT_6_0_HOME to run the tests on any version of Tomcat 6.0.x (though only Tomcat 6.0.14 and 6.0.16 have been tested)


    Simple Portal Demo



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