Version 4

    This page describes guidelines for using the jboss repository located at:


    Basic Hierarchy


    The repository is structured into directories for each release version of each project that is either a jboss project or a dependency of a jboss project.  The basic structure looks like:



    For example, the version 1.0.2 of the jboss microcontainer project is located under




    And apache ant version 1.6.5 is located at




    Each project version folder should contain a file called component-info.xml that contains information about the project.

    Each folder should also contain a "lib" directory which contains two jar files one for the classes, and one for the project source.


    So the project folder looks like this




    Adding third party jars to the repository


    When a jboss project has a dependency on a third party jar file, for example apache-commons, the binary and source jars for the dependency should be added to the jboss repository.  So for apache ant version 1.6.5 the directory structure should look like this:







    Creating patch versions of third party jars


    If third party source needs to be modified before being distributed with the jboss binaries, a new project version folder should be created.  For example a modified version of the apache-log4j version 1.2.14 project would be in a new folder called


    The contents of this folder should look like this:



    The jar file in the lib directory apache-log4j-src.jar would contain the modified source code of the project.


    The file apache-log4j-1.2.14-src.tar.gz contains the original source code, and the patchfiles.patch would be the required patches that could be used to change the original source into the modified source code.