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JBoss Rules (Drools 3.0) Feature list


Online documentation

JBoss Rules Manual




Currently Drools 3 is in RC. This wiki has been edited as now most of the documentation has been moved to the Drools manual.

  • Reporting Issues and Errors

  • Known issues and features to be implemented can be seen via the JBoss jira

  • My build is broke:

    • try this: mvn -Dmaven.test.skip install eclipse:eclipse (this will update your local maven repo, and the eclipse projects). Always good to do after someone has done a major refactoring.

    • run mvn clean

    • blow away your eclipse project files, and run mvn eclipse:eclipse and then refresh the projects



  • Add the jars to your classpath, and then refer to the Samples section below for some tips on how to get started, and see linked examples.

  • Source can be accessed via anonymous Subversion: http://anonsvn.labs.jboss.com/labs/jbossrules/trunk

    • You can use any SVN client, or browse it online.

    • The important modules are drools-core, drools-compiler and drools-ide


IDE/Eclipse plug in


Yes, there is a plug in.

  • This is an ideal way to get started quickly if you are an Eclipse user.


Getting help or helping out

  • As normal, the maniacs can be found in the drools IRC room at irc.codehaus.org. Web client available for those behind a firewall http://irc.codehaus.org. Mark Proctor is known as "conan", and he is a vegetiarian, so he won't bite. The others are not though

  • Use the mailing list from http://www.drools.org as normal. Use the "user" list for end user issues, "dev" for when you are mucking about with the internals.

  • Use jira to log issues.




Its important to note that the default textual language input for Drools 3 is a non XML format (XML support will be coming shortly as an alternative). It uses an Antlr3 grammar to parse rules and compile. See the RuleLanguageFAQ for some more info.


  • A fairly comprehensive set of examples (actually the integration tests) can be browsed online here

    • The code to invoke these examples is here



Building from source

Refer to the manual



JBoss Rules (Drools 3.0) Feature list

  • A feature list can be found here


TIPS and TRICKS for developers


JBoss Rules (Drools 3.0) Things to be aware of


  • If there has been an update of the core module, you may need to run "mvn -Dmaven.test.skip install" before trying anything else. mvn eclipse:eclipse will refresh your eclipse project if you are using eclipse.