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    Welcome to the wiki of page for JBoss Rules. Otherwise known as Drools 3. Please feel free to add your own tips/gotchas - you just need to signup for a jboss.com account (free and open to everyone). Currently the JBoss wiki is still on the jboss.com site so you will find the links for the naviation on the left may have change if you linked through from JBoss Labs, confusing I know. This will be resolved in next JBoss Portal release when JBoss Wiki will be properly integrated with Jboss Labs.


    To clarify - Drools is the project development name, our R&D play pen. JBoss Rules is productized stable branch of Drools with additional support, consultancy and training; backports of bugs will be applied to JBoss Rules, but almost never to Drools.


    Important links

    JBoss Rules (Drools 3.0) Feature list

    Online documentation

    Drools Roadmap

    Testing framework add-on

    Project homepage

    Jar Dependencies




    IDE/Eclipse plug in


    Yes, there is a plug in.

    Getting help or helping out

    • As normal, the maniacs can be found in the drools IRC room at irc.codehaus.org. Web client available for those behind a firewall http://irc.codehaus.org. Mark Proctor is known as "conan", and he is a vegetiarian, so he won't bite. The others are not though

    • Use the mailing list from http://www.drools.org as normal. Use the "user" list for end user issues, "dev" for when you are mucking about with the internals.

    • Use jira to log issues.






    Its important to note that the default textual language input for Drools 3 is a non XML format (XML support will be coming shortly as an alternative). It uses an Antlr3 grammar to parse rules and compile. See the RuleLanguageFAQ for some more info.


    • A fairly comprehensive set of examples (actually the integration tests) can be browsed online here

      • The code to invoke these examples is here


    TIPS and TRICKS for developers

    JBoss Rules (Drools 3.0) Things to be aware of


    • We have just moved to an ant driven build system (it uses maven 2 underneath, but you don't need to install maven yourself) due to complaints. See the manual for details on how to build.


    Wiki guidelines

    • Feel free to edit/add to this wiki - the aim of the wiki is not to be a manual, but to be a general "catch all" area for helpful tips and links. Also, articles and documentation may be entered here first, when its ready, it will then be formally moved into the manual for future reference. In the old Drools web site, the wiki was also the documentation, but for Drools 3 onwards, we are providing a formal manual for this purpose.



    .Net version

    • Information can still be located here