Version 6

    JBoss Rules Resource Handler




    The objective is to develop a rules resource handler that resolves resources to a URL. The resource handler will work with a meta-data bean that describes the resource, version, location and allow that bean to be translated to and from a URL. A resource could be a drl with multiple rules and functions, it could be a single rule, or a single function.


    Implementation Details


    The resource handler should have a standard API that opens stream input returns a text version of the resource. This means it can have adapters and stream a normalised database, just take text from subversion or text or meta data from jcr. As it&146;s a url to a resource where the pluggable resource handler takes care of the retrieval the configuration and management system does not care it just manages and configures resources. Each resource handler will need to have authentication capabilities so it can authenticate the current user against the remote resource its streaming from - if security is needed.


    Bonus Feature


    The last missing piece to make this work is the callback. We need to enable the source to send a message to the repository when a resource has been added or modified. At the very worst we can poll for a diff of modified or new resources. There should be a "registration" style API for this, so the "client" repository can register to be notified of changes/additions (hiding the details of polling or callbacks).