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    The JBoss SNMP adapter


    From JBoss v3.2.2 there is an snmp-adaptor.sar service available in the

    all configuration and it can be used to intercept JMX notifications emitted

    by MBeans, convert them to SNMP traps and send them to SNMP managers. In this

    respect the snmp-adaptor acts as an SNMP agent.


    Since JBoss v4.0.4, the snmp-adaptor supports also basic get and getNext

    so one can now query snmp-oids, which in turn are mapped to JMX attribute gets.


    The adapter uses internally joeSNMP

    as an implementation of the SNMP protocol.



    The installation is simple if you are running the "all" configuration, since it is already installed and ready to use in that server configuration.  You simply need to proceed to the Configuration section below to fine tune it's operation.


    If you wish to install this service into a configuration outside of the all config, you first need to copy the <jboss-install-dir>/server/all/lib/snmp-support.jar file to the lib directory of the server config you wish to enable for SNMP.  Also, you will need to copy the <jboss-install-dir>/server/all/deploy/snmp-adaptor.sar directory to the deploy directory of the server you wish to use the adapter in.




    SnmpAgentService is the main MBean that implements the SNMP agent. It is

    configured by means of two configuration files and the MBean

    deployment descriptor.


    • managers.xml - configures to which SNMP Managers to send traps

    • notifications.xml - specifies the mapping of each notification type to an SNMP trap

    • attributes.xml - specifies the mapping from SNMP oid to MBean name and attribute(s)


    Note: mbeans.xml was removed as of v.3.2.4. Use the SubscriptionList

    attribute instead.



    The SNMP adapter was originally created and integrated to JBoss by:

    • Spyros Pollatos

    • Dimitris Andreadis


    Contribution have been received from:

    • Krishnaraj S

    • Heiko W. Rupp





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