Version 6

    SNMP Adapter Changes List


    Note: the SNMP Adapter does not have a version of its own, so we follow

    the JBoss versions to describe the changes to the adapter. Also, in

    cooperation with OpenNMS we have forked

    joeSNMP at sourceforge

    starting from the last LGPL version 0.2.6, in order to retain its LGPL

    license while allowing us to add missing features, whenever necessary.


    • v3.2.2 - First version with support for mapping JMX Notifications

      to SNMP Traps. Uses joeSNMP v0.2.6


    • v3.2.3 - Added support for local-port in managers.xml.

      joeSNMP was hacked to support this.


    • v3.2.4 - mbeans.xml was removed. The JMX Notification subscription

      functionality was moved to a general-purpose ListenerServiceMBeanSupport

      baseclass. Specifying the monitored MBeans/notifications is now done inline

      in the MBean deployment descriptor using the SubscriptionList attribute.

      This provides for a more flexible and re-usable JMX Notification subscription

      subsystem, and allows the adapter to subscribe dynamically to newly

      instantiated MBeans that match the subscription specification,

      even after the snmp-adaptor has been started.


    • v3.2.6/v4.0.0 - Added support for local-address in managers.xml to

      explicitly specify the binding address. joeSNMP upgraded to v0.3.2

      with basic support for writting agents (SnmpAgentSession) and

      a simple (optional) thread pool implementation.


    • v3.2.7/v4.0.1 - Added basic snmp get/set protocol support (not mapping yet).

      Adapter accepts requests and delegates to a RequestHandler that can be

      plugged in. New attribute settings: Port, BindAddress, ReadCommunity,

      WriteCommunity, SnmpVersion, NumberOfThreads, RequestHandlerClassName,

      RequestHandlerResName. joeSNMP upgraded to v0.3.3 with minor fixes.


    • v3.2.8/v4.0.2 - Added a DynamicSubscriptions attribute to control whether

      to enable/disable dynamic monitoring of mbean registrations in the server

      (it was always on before). Due to enhancements to ListenerServiceMBeanSupport

      baseclass, we can now specify arbitrary filters when subscribing for

      notifications (see SubscriptionList updates).


    • v4.0.2 - We have completely removed the castor dependency. We now use JBossXB

      internally for parsing xml configuration files, which is a lot more

      lightweight than castor.


    • v4.0.4 - Added support for simple xml driven mapping of snmp get/set

      request to JMX attribute read/writes. This is driven by the attributes.xml

      configuration file. A very basic snmp MIB is implemented backed by

      MIB2SystemGroupService. Also, joesnmp.jar upgraded to v0.3.4 to solve an

      annoying bug with the snmp-adaptor ignoring the local jboss.bind.address.

      Running jboss with run -b binds the snmp-adaptor to the specified network



    • v4.0.5 - lib/snmp-support.jar is broken down to log4j-snmp-appender.jar and



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