Version 5

    Configuring snmp-adaptor managers.xml file


    The managers.xml file follows the XML Schema defined in



    It allows the definition of one or more receiving SNMP Managers, along with

    the version of the SNMP protocol to use for forwarding traps. For example,

    to send traps to a local test manager on port 1162 using SNMPv1, you could use:

        A default test manager to forward traps. It is controlled by the
        "jboss.jmx:name=SnmpAgent,service=trapd,type=logger" MBean that
        simply outputs received traps as log4j DEBUG messages

    As of JBoss v3.2.6 it is also possible to define the local address and

    binding port, using the additional tags:


    In addition, if a local binding address was specified at start-up using

    the ./run -b <binding-address> (or the equivalent --host) option,

    then the adapter will use this, unless overriden in managers.xml.


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