Version 5

    SNMP Adapter Development TODO List


    Attribute Mapping (get/set)

    • Now that the basic protocol is there, implement the mapping mechanism (done!)


    Trap Mapping

    • Allow the explicit specification of the exact SnmpSyntax for mapped


    • Allow re-write of the OID to support attributes that represent

      row instances

    • Introduce scripting capability (more advanced) so that the mapping

      can be performed without the need for pluging-in extractor classes



    • Produce a simple MIB + mapping files for basic JBoss monitoring. (done!)

    • See if we can produce MIB files by applying XSLT to the mapping files?



    • Turn managers.xml into an inline attribute. The idea is to keep all

      communication related configuration in the main MBean descriptor,

      while leaving mapping to specialized files (notification.xml, etc.)

    • Get rid of castor for XML parsing and either do it with DOM,

      or use JBossXB (done since 4.0.2)

    • Turn test/trapd into manager with test methods for getting/settings

      attributes on the snmp agent.

    • Improve the wiki documentation


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