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    Welcome to the JBoss Seam Wiki

    The JBoss Seam Wiki knowledge base is another source of information to look at when you are facing a problem; it references all the other resources that you can find for free.

    It is maintained by the community and lives thanks to everybody's participation.


    While all the necessary information can be found in the reference guide, the wiki is used to share tips and tricks in a dynamic fashion. I encourage any participant of this Wiki to keep a logical classification of information.


    Seam FAQ

    The Seam FAQ provides information about Seam as a product.

    The Seam Problems FAQ documents common problems for first-time Seam/JSF users.

    The Scope FAQ answers common questions about Seam's scopes

    The Seam Performance FAQ documents performance questions and tips


    Seam User Forum

    The Seam User Forum is an important source of help.  You can search the fourm to see if anyone else has encountered a similar problem or ask a question.


    Seam Documentation

    The official documentation is the right place to start learning about Seam








    Seam Books









    Road Map

    The Seam JIRA

    contains the official road map for Seam.




    Nightly Builds


    Seam CVS Repository





    Examples are a great source of knowledge, by reading example code you should be able to quickly start a new project.


    Lots of examples can be found by downloading Seam.







    Other movies





    Deprecated & Old Stuff