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    Step 2 - Install and Configure Eclipse With Various Plugins

    Download Eclipse 3.2 from: You should also grab key JBoss eclipse plugins. Download the following plugins:


    1. Hibernate -


    1. jBPM -


    1. JBoss Rules -



    After downloading the plugins above, you should see the following files, all of which need to be extracted.



    Next, you need to unzip eclipse to a convenient location.



    Then, extract the Hibernate, jBPM and JBoss Rules plugins into the "eclipse" directory.



    The last piece of the eclipse puzzle is to download the Callisto plugins. You will do this by leveraging the site update functionality in eclipse. Open eclipse by double clicking on the "eclipse" icon:



    Then specify a workspace for your eclipse projects.



    Once in eclipse, click to the software update menu item.



    Then, you will want to search for new features to install.



    Select the "Callisto Discovery Site".



    Select a close site update mirror.



    Select and install all features.



    Accept the license agreement terms.



    Then click "Finish". Now, eclipse will get and install all of the Callisto plugins. The most useful are the Java and Web Development plugins, but extra plugins won't hurt anything. You might encounter feature download exceptions. If this happens, simply click "Retry" and eclipse will attempt to re-install the plugin. Lastly, you must re-start eclipse after installing the Callisto plugins.

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