Version 35

    JBoss Seam Labs - Last tested with 1.2.1-GA


    These labs are intented to break down key Seam concepts/features into bite size chunks. There are no IDE requirements for the labs, but Eclipse 3.2 or higher with the JBoss Developer Studio IDE is highly recommended.


    To begin, you should download/unzip


      • Change servers.home to the desired path for JBossAS and Seam

      • Change workspace.home to the desired path for the seamlabs Java Project (can be an eclipse workspace, but it's not required)

      • Change the path.type to forward slash for unix/linux and double backslash for windows


    Lab Installation

    • Install JBossAS with EJB3 and Seam

      • Open a command window/shell

      • Type: cd $SEAM_LABS_UNZIP_PATH

      • Type: ant get-all (This will download JBossAS, EJB3 and Seam)

      • Type: ant install-all (This will install JBossAS, EJB3 and Seam)

      • Type: ant dist (This will copy the lab files into your Seam installation)


    • Run Seam Labs Setup

      • Open a command window/shell

      • Type: cd $SEAM_HOME

      • Type: seam labs-setup

    • Open the Seam Labs Homepage

      • It is located at: $SEAM_HOME/examples/seamlabs/docs/index.html

      • From here on out, you can copy/paste commands directly into your command window!


    Quick Start Info

    Here's a few things to keep in mind:


    • The labs are designed to be copy/paste friendly. Just copy/paste the command into a shell. The paths will be correct for your machine.

    • Use the lab cheats! There are comments in the code that explain the code. If you don't understand what the lab solution should be,

         just go to the lab cheat. The documentation in the labs is purposefully brief/vague.

    • If you run a lab cheat but don't know where the lab specific code is, do a file search for "LAB TIP". The lab solutions have "LAB TIP" comments that explain the code.

    • Experiment with your own code. You can also grab solution code from other labs. This is a learning/experimentation sand-box, not a rigid training class.


    Seam Labs Cover the Following Topics

    • Seam DVD Store Example Application

      • Deploy DVD Store to JBoss Application Server

      • Step through DVD Store application


    • Seam Command Line Interface Basics

      • Create a helloworld project

      • Deploy helloworld to JBoss Application Server

      • Edit/Re-deploy/Un-deploy helloworld to JBoss Application Server


    • Seam Conversations

      • Create new conversation, also called a Stateful Session Bean (SFSB) Seam component

      • Create a new facelet, also call the Java Server Face (JSF)

      • Update the conversation and JSF page


    • Visual Page Flow Design

      • Create a simple page flow with a decision point


    • Rules Integration

      • Deploy a Seam + JBoss Rules based project

      • Change the JBoss Rule file and re-deploy/test application


    • JSF Component Copy/Paste Zone

      • View various JSF components in action

      • Copy/paste the components into your application


    • Serverless Testing with TestNG

      • Automated command line testing

      • Run tests in eclipse


    • Seam CRUD Generation - Advanced Command

      • Creat new tables in HSQLDB (JBossAS embedded database)

      • Generate CRUD application

      • Deploy/test application


    • jBPM Integration

      • Deploy a Seam + jBPM based project

      • Change the jBPM process and re-deploy/test application