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    JBoss Tools


    JBoss Tools is a set of Eclipse plugins and features designed to help JBoss and J2EE developers develop their applications quickly and painlessly. You can see a list of all the components that belong to JBossTools and their respective functionality at the JBoss Tools Home Page


    JBoss Developer Studio

    JBoss Developer Studio is Red Hat's supported and tested version of JBossTools. Please use JBoss Developer Studio if you are in the need of a developer support and/or a bundled version of Eclipse, and Webtools.


    Links for users

    The following links will help you get started with JBossTools:



    For developers, potential contributors, and power users

    If you are interested in building from the sources or contributing to JBoss Tools, the following documents may be useful:



    Old JBoss-IDE links (moved from wiki front page)



    JBoss Developer Studio Development