JBoss Tools 3.x/4 Road map

Version 19

          This document is a work in progress! Intended to be discussed at JBoss Tools meeting at EclipseCon '09


    JBoss Tools 3

    The roadmap for 3.0 can be found JBossToolsRoadmap


    JBoss Tools 3.1

    Not sure if we will ever do a 3.1 based on Ganymede, but if we do these are the important parts:


    maven/m2eclipse integration for Seam and ESB projects


    Simple linking between Drools and jBPM, ESB

    JBoss Tools 3.5/4 (?)



    Built on Galileo

    Signing of jars

    Deconstruct the monolithic build to get speedier component builds and simpler integration builds.

    Cleanup of dependencies and manifest.mf to be p2 friendly


    "Web 2.0":

    JBoss AS:

    JBoss 5.0.1/5.1 integration (use profile service or other ?)

    Better out-of-the-box experience with AS install (i.e. JMX authentication is not enabled by default)


    Project Archives:

    "Real" incremental packaging (being able to stop builds while collecting/copying large files)



    WebBeans wizards for main artifacts introduced in WebBeans (detailed requirements)

    Q: is it possible for WebBeans tooling to have as little dependencies on XModel as possible to make it reusable for others ?

    Seam 3 seam-gen support, i.e. Maven and shared templates

    A: It is possible, after RichFaces component is spitted to several reusable components (here is rough suggestion): Knowledge base, Forms, XModel, Text Extensions and etc.

    Q: Should WebBeans Tools support different implementation of WebBeans Spec?


    Seam Refactoring support for component renaming on @name annotation in Java source editor (detailed requirements). Tentative list of usecases is:

    1. component renaming on @name annotation in Java source editor;
    2. bijections renaming;
    3. renaming in EL expressions in various sources: xhtml, jsp, java


    Seam Problems Quick Fixes - support Quick Fixes for Seam Error Markers created for sources and project settings. It should be QF definitions for all Seam Error Markers (detailed requirements).

    ... All 25 markers from Seam/Validation preferences should be defined here ...


    Look into memory consumption (XModel uses 16%+ of all memory)

    Look into making XModel non-monolithic (Example: I should not have to see JSP, JSF etc. model artifacts when wanting to bundle the Hibernate xml editor)

    Look into XModel integration with eclipse now if you look through XModel code you can see that XModel:

    1. uses its own extension mechanism instead using eclipse extension (see ClassLoaderUtil).
    2. uses its own content recognition for xml files and trying to replace eclipse conent types->editor mapping (see ObjectMultiPageEditor and EditorPartWrapper)

    Disclose and refactor XModel lifecycle:creating, loading, updating, saving etc. Now in rare cases XModel instance is loading different ways and results could be unpredictable. It collects information using separate threads, it needs review.


    Usability improvements - generate code directly from DTP browser

    Hibernate projects (most likely via Maven artifacts - no need for us to invent something else is there ?)

    JPA 2 is coming out - anything we need to considere there ?

    Hibernate 3.3/3.4/3.5/4 support - more seperation from hibernate core ?


    Avoid hard coupling to m2eclipse for all plugins, should be done as "add-on"/integration (to be able to distribute JBoss Tools plugins without 3rd party dependency)

    Seam projects primary usecase, but also ESB and others


    JSF 2 is coming

    RichFaces 4.0 (I would think this should be coupled with JSF 2)

    Proper coupled/decoupled models for JSF and Seam so we don't have 2 for the same thing (EL, completions, navigation etc.)


    Separate Richfaces and VPE Core to allow install VPE based editors without richfaces. Example is Docbook Viewer (see JBIDE-3816)
    Move to xulrunner 1.9 (see JBIDE-2248)
    Try to use mock object to generate templates for new components
    Micro templates (something like attr->visual element, text->visual element, see JBIDE-2663)
    Css class dialog improvements (see JBIDE-3445)

    Templates improvements:

    In scope of support of custom facelets pages planned to do:

    • OpenOn functionality
    • Content assistent for tags which defined like custom definition library
    • Wizard which allows to add custom facelets support to web project, adds neccery libs, facelets.LIBRARIES param to web.xml, and some custom library in project
    • Wizard which allows to add custom template in tld definition library
    • Support for custom tags which defined in jar files      

    Move resizer to another package from xulrunner editor
    Extension points, for menu items and etc...
    OpenOn functionality for css calss atribute

    Q: What does that mean from User point of view? Open on that shows CSS Dialog?
    A: Open CSS Dialog for this class and loading class attributes from css file where this class described.

    Check and support multimodule projects, with maven arch(for example) and other

    More project templates (TBD), wizards for maven and appfuse may be!




    More ESB xml editor features ? Add XModel based graphical editor ?

    New esb.xml syntax ?

    Navigation to/from resources ?



    Smooks 1 and Smooks 1.1 support ?



    Drools 4/5 ? What kind of support is needed/possible ?


    "WTP"-style project support ?




    jbm 3/4 ? What kind of support is needed/possible ?


    "WTP"-style project support ?