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    JBoss Tools Trouble Shooting FAQ


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    This FAQ is intended to provide information on JBoss Tools (and Eclipse in general) trouble shooting.



    Q : The plugins does not seem to be loaded or active after installation


    A : This can unfortunately happen if either some steps in the installation failed, Eclipse is somehow misconfigured or there are some conflicting plugins installed.


    To find out why plugins are not being loaded try and start eclipse with the -debug flag on the command line. Now Eclipse will log what plugins/bundles are not being loaded. You can open the "Error Log View" or look directly in .metadata/log for the information.


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    Q : Eclipse is running out of memory OR Eclipse is running very slow!


    A : Eclipse default setup is to use 64mb of memory and that works ok for small number of projects; but if you have more projects and/or using many plugins Eclipse would like to use more memory and hence its behavior will be slower operations (because of too much garbage collection or simply halting because it runs out of memory).


    The solution is to start eclipse with a set of flags to allow it to allocate more memory:


    eclipse -vmargs -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m


    The above will allow it to use up to 1Gb of memory (you can of course lower it if you want, but this is what I use and finally it will also increase the MaxPermSize so classloading is given more room.


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    Q: My deployment need to be present when starting up the server, but it looks like my .sar archives are only deployed after the server is running. How do I make sure the server sees it while starting up ?


    This is probably because the server adapter is deploying into a metadata location in the  workspace and that metadata location is only added as a deployable  location via JMX after bootup.

    You can still make your server deploy to a specific location inside the  automatically-added location (aka the deploy folder) by opening the  Server Editor (double-click the server) and changing the preferences there.


    Note: 90% of deployments don't need this but some others do, like some .sar deployments.



    Q: Why are Eclipse buttons in dialogs and other places are not working for me on Linux ?


    This was a problem in Eclipse 3.5.1. Setting GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true worked around the issue. This bug was fixed in Eclipse 3.5.2 and 3.6.0 (JBoss Tools 3.1 & 3.2, respectively).


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