Version 3

    Here is a list of features that we could add to JBoss Tools:


    1. creating a wizard that would create a new Arquillian project (maven), add required libraries and a simple test case
    2. adding m2eclipse configurator that would add Arquillian capabilities to an existing maven project and when importing a maven project

      Arquillian capabilities would be a nature that marks a project as an Arquillian project and a builder that validates the Arquillian project (JBIDE-6319 Add Arquillian Capabilities)

    3. adding an action that would recognize Arquillian tests (junit or testng) and offer a choice of; deployments that Arquillian supports
      JBIDE-6317 Run As targets for Arquillian
    4. creating new wizards for Arquillian project, test, deployment method ...
      JBIDE-6318 New Arquillian test wizard
    5. creating a view that would show Arquillian projects, test cases, deployment archives, resources, classes
      JBIDE-6662 View Arquillian Deployment

      The view would analyze Java code and populate deployment methods/archives ... The user would get errors/warnings for missing resources, classes, jars (JBIDE-6568 Give error/warning on use of Class in a TestCase that are not found in the @Deployment).
      The user would be able to add/edit a new project, test case, deployment method, missing resources/classes ( JBIDE-8553 Generation of Arquillian @Deployment method ) using a context menu.

    6. completion proposals in the Java editor for resources/classes in a deployment method

    Project examples

    1. creating a project examples xsd schema (JBIDE-8514 Create xml schema for project-examples.xml files)
    2. adding project examples hosted on git, svn (JBIDE-8452 JBoss Maven Git integration )
    3. improving the documentation

    JBoss Maven Integration

    1. updating to m2e 0.13 (JBIDE-8536 Upgrade JBoss Maven Integration feature to use m2eclipse 0.13.x)

    JBoss Portlet integration

    1. adding a validator, editor, content assists for the portlet.xml file
    2. moving the Seam portlet to a new feature so that the basic/JSF portlet doesn't depend on Seam (JBIDE-7293 Dynamic Web Project isn't created properly when JBoss Portlet Tool installed)
    3. creating a portal wizard (JBIDE-4218 Add option to create a JBoss Portal project)

    JBoss Runtime Detection

    1. adding JDK, WTP runtime recognizers
    2. downloading some runtimes automatically (JBIDE-6369 - Should support auto download of new container for Tools)

    TPTP Profile on JBoss Server

    1. upgrading to Runtime Analysis Tools (RAT)
      JBIDE-8495 Evaluate removal of TPTP from JBT 3.3
      A Creation Review for the RAT project will conclude on Wed, 16 Mar 2011

    JBoss BIRT Integration

    1. changing BIRT WTP facet so that the BIRT Equinox Platform can be out of the application (out of the WEB-INF directory) That would decrese the size of the BIRT application by more than 30 MB. Besides, BIRT applications would be executed within the same Equinox engine. Currently every BIRT application has its own Equinox platform.


    Related to JBIDE_4971 and