Version 26

    What is the JBoss Transactions?


    JBoss Transactions is a rebadge of the Arjuna Transaction Service which supports high performance, high reliability transaction processing, compliant with JTA, JTS and Web Services standards.



    • Standards compliance

      • CORBA Object Transaction Service (OTS)

      • Java Enterprise (JEE) transactions

        • Java Transaction API (JTA)

        • Java Transaction Service (JTS)

      • Web services transactions

        • Web Services Coordination (WS-Coordination)

        • Web Services Atomic Transaction (WS-AtomicTransaction)

        • Web Services Business Activity Framework (WS-BusinessActivity)

    • JEE and CORBA transactioning features including

      • Complete distributed transaction support

      • Automated failure recovery system

      • Support for both checked and unchecked transaction behaviour

      • Support for both flat and nested transaction models, with nested-aware resources and resource adapters

    • Web services transactioning features including

      • Reliable coordination and application data consistency for business processes that involve Web services.

      • Supports transaction models for both intra-enterprise (EAI) and inter-enterprise (supply chain) Web services integration.


    Getting involved

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