Version 1

    Capturing messages exchanged between web service providers and consumers is a quite common need during the transition / staging phase. Apart from setting more verbose logs and leveraging the JBossWS statistics/logs management, users can cope with this issue simply using proxy-like tools: consumers connect to a special address the tool listens to, the message is logged and then forwarded to the service provider. At the end of the invocations, the tool shows the whole communication as a collection of request-response couples.



    Suggested tools
    • TCP-Mon: a GUI application that listens to a given port of localhost and forwards http messages to a given host/port. It is very simple and easy to use.
    • LMS: a JBoss Seam application having a JMX bean as core; it has almost the same features as TCP-Mon except for its web interface that removes the need for a window system (like X) to run it. Of course this is valuable expecially when performing tests on servers since they typically do not have X active.



    Finally, you might also be interested in taking a look at the JBossWS - Records management.