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    JBossWS Projects


    External contribution is always welcome; you can get in touch with me ( to discuss contribution idea / what you'd like to do. Also take a look at the "How to get involved" post on the user forum.


    This said, idea / contribution area are listed below:


    Records management


    JBossWS provides a records' collection and management system that gives administrators a means of performing custom analysis of their webservice traffic as well as exporting communication logs. The basic functionalities are currently implemented and available for all the JBossWS stacks (Native, CXF and Metro) and are documented here.

    What we'd like to see is a further development to make the records management system even easier, in order to increase its use. Contribution in this area could thus go into two directions:

    - Investigation and implementation of possible integration with Jopr; from a productivity point of view, having the records management system information available along with the already provided administration, monitoring, alerting, etc. features already there whould be a great added value.

    - Implement extensions for the record management; this could cover real world use cases like storing records on a database for offline procesing, etc. Some of the possible extensions are listed here.