Version 4

    JBoss Wiki2Docbook


    This is a simple program that allows you to poing to a page at and generate a docbook project and documents.


    The syntax is:

    $ java -jar wiki2docbook.jar {url of wiki page} {output directory} {main file name} 


    Here's an example


    java -jar wiki2docbook.jar /Users/billburke/jboss/jaxrs-docbook jaxrs



    I've really only tested it with the wiki page ResteasyJAXRSDocumentation.  The way it works is that it looks on the initial page for bullet blocks and generates chapters from the hierarchy of bullets and the pages they link to.  Basically it is expecting that the URL provided is a table of contents.  It will create a chapter for each top level link and subchapters for each nested links.  It will automatically traverse wiki links to generate those chapters.  Headers within those linked pages will be embedded as subchapters as well.


    What is the output?

    The output is an ANT project.  The project expects a docbook-support project in the directory above the one you specified in the command line:




    Just build the build.xml file generated.  A pdf, single page html, and multi-page html project will be generate in the build/ directory.





    Pre-built jars as well as source code are an attachment on this wiki page.