Version 8

    JBoss Wiki - How to set properties


    Here you will find list of properties you can change. You can find them all in src/etc/... directory.



      • pathToMedia - where the page structure will be situated (compliant with JSPWiki structure)

      • pathToAttachements - where the attachements will be situated (compliant with JSPWiki structure)




      • imagePatterns - coma separated extensions of files to be inlined

      • wikiHome - wiki home url. Leave it if you use default portlet configuration




      • sessionIdExpireTime - time after edit session expires

      • defaultPage - name of the default page

      • credentialsClass - class to use for portlet credentials

      • mediaDataSourceClass - class to use for mediaDataSource

      • attachmentDataSourceClass - class to use for AttachmentDataSource

      • wikiPageDictionaryClass - class to use for WikiPageDictionary


    • mime.types

      • List of mime types supported by wiki file access.