Version 3

    Not backward compatible changes in the API of JBossXB between the old code in Branch_4_0 and the current code HEAD.




    The signature of the 'resolve' method in org.jboss.xb.binding.sunday.unmarshalling.SchemaBindingResolver has changed from

       SchemaBinding resolve(String nsUri, String localName, String baseURI, String schemaLocation);


       SchemaBinding resolve(String nsUri, String baseURI, String schemaLocation);


    In addition, the interface in HEAD got a new method

       LSInput resolveAsLSInput(String nsUri, String baseUri, String schemaLocation);


    which is called when xsd:import is processed.





    The interface org.jboss.xb.binding.GenericValueContainer in HEAD got a new method

       Class getTargetClass();


    The method was added with the purpose to determine types of children and what kind of collection to use for repeatable particles.


    Found conflicts


    Actual conflicts showed up only the security module in Branch_4_0 and are related to changes in the GenericValueContainer.

    The changes in the SchemaBindingResolver affected only the JBossXB testsuite.


    Information about other API changes and JBossXB usage per module can be found in the following Jira issue:

    investigate conflicts between XB versions in Branch_4_0 and HEAD