Group Membership Service. Responsible for joining/leaving members. Also handles suspected members, and excludes them from the membership. Sends Views (topology configuration) to all members when a membership change has occurred.


Configuration Example


    <pbcast.GMS print_local_addr="true"


Configuration Parameters

disable_initial_coordIf true this member can never become coordinator. Default is false
handle_concurrent_startupTemporary switch. Default is true and should not be changed
idGive the protocol a different ID if needed so we can have multiple instances of it in the same stack
join_timeoutJoin timeout. Default is 5000 msec
leave_timeoutLeave timeout. Default is 5000 msec
levelSets the logger level (see javadocs)
log_collect_msgsLogs failures for collecting all view acks if true
max_bundling_timeMax view bundling timeout if view bundling is turned on. Default is 50 msec
merge_timeoutTimeout to complete merge. Default is 10000 msec
nameGive the protocol a different name if needed so we can have multiple instances of it in the same stack
num_prev_mbrsMax number of old members to keep in history. Default is 50
print_local_addrPrint local address of this member after connect. Default is true
print_physical_addrsPrint physical address(es) on startup
resume_task_timeoutTimeout to resume ViewHandler. Default is 10000 msec
statsDetermines whether to collect statistics (and expose them via JMX). Default is true
use_flush_if_presentUse flush for view changes. Default is true
view_ack_collection_timeoutTime in ms to wait for all VIEW acks (0 == wait forever. Default is 2000 msec
view_bundlingView bundling toggle


See also Protocol Configuration Common Parameters.


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