Verifies that a suspected member is really dead by pinging that member once again. Drops suspect message if member does respond. Tries to minimize false suspicions.


The protocol works as follows: it catches SUSPECT events traveling up the stack. Verifies that the suspected member is really dead. If yes, passes SUSPECT event up the stack, otherwise discards it. Has to be placed somewhere above the FD layer and below the GMS layer (receiver of the SUSPECT event). Note that SUSPECT events may be reordered by this protocol.


Configuration Example


     <VERIFY_SUSPECT timeout="1500"></VERIFY_SUSPECT>


Configuration Parameters

bind_addrInterface for ICMP pings. Used if use_icmp is true
bind_interface_strThe interface (NIC) which should be used by this transport
idGive the protocol a different ID if needed so we can have multiple instances of it in the same stack
levelSets the logger level (see javadocs)
nameGive the protocol a different name if needed so we can have multiple instances of it in the same stack
num_msgsNumber of verify heartbeats sent to a suspected member
statsDetermines whether to collect statistics (and expose them via JMX). Default is true
timeoutNumber of millisecs to wait for a response from a suspected member
use_icmpUse InetAddress.isReachable() to verify suspected member instead of regular messages



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