JSFUnit 2.0.0 Beta 2 Release Notes

Introduction to JSFUnit 2.0.0

JSFUnit 2.0.0 is the second major release of JSFUnit, focusing on Arquillian integration.  As always, use of Cargo/Cactus instead of Arquillian is still supported.  If you use Cargo/Cactus you must continue to use JUnit 3.


JSFUnit 2.0.0 Beta 2 is the first JSFUnit release supporting Arquillian with JBoss AS7.


Arquillian Containers Tested

Arquillian containers and modes tested for Beta2 are:

  • JBoss AS7 / remote mode
  • JBoss AS6 / remote mode
  • Tomcat 6 / embedded mode
  • Jetty 7 / embedded mode


Other containers and modes should mostly work, but some may not.  See the Arquillian documentation if you want to try out others.


Other changes from Beta1 to Beta2

  • CDI is no longer required for JSFUnit/Arquillian annotations.  This allows for easier configuration and for use in containers that don't support CDI.
  • The annotation for injection of JSFUnit artifacts into instance variables has changed from @Inject to @JSFUnitResource.  See the JSFUnit/Arquillian annotation guide for details.
  • It is known that the Arquillian extension is not working with JBoss AS 5.1.
  • The JSFUnit source was migrated to github under https://github.com/jsfunit.  Please feel free to fork and submit patches and enhancements.


Issues Closed

JSFUNIT-281 Upgrade jsunit-arquillian integration to run with arquillian CR1 SPI version

JSFUNIT-276 Fully remove all CDI dependencies

JSFUNIT-287 Fix failing Cactus/Cargo tests.

JSFUNIT-288 Configure maven-release-plugin to automate release process

JSFUNIT-283 Update Build to reflect new SCM Location at GitHub