Version 2


    This document will detail the criteria and intent of the JSFUnit versioning scheme, as well as lay out the general roadmap for upcoming releases.


    1. [FIX] Vague error message when improperly annotating Arquillian test cases.
    2. [FIX] Arquillian Integration doesn't work with JBOSS5.1
    3. [FIX] Confusing "Make sure JSFUnitFilter has run and your test extends org.apache.cactus.ServletTestCase"
    4. [FIX] @Proxy annotation does not work in Jetty Arquillian integration
    1. [FIX] Extension mapped to the FacesServlet will be changed.
    2. [Enhancement] Deploying test archives in arquillian extension is taking to long


    1. [FIX] Ant test fails on Maven 3



    Issues to discuss




    The following defines a minimal roadmap for JSFUnit.  Dates are subject to change.


    2.0.0.Beta35 April 2012
    2.0.0.RC15 May 2012
    2.0.0.Final20 May 2012