- Anil Saldhana


Unix like tools

  • fink on provides a lot of tools to install stuff like cvs etc.






  • fire on provides connections to MSN,AOL, Jabber etc.

  • Adium is a great chat client similar to fire. Find on

  • Yahoo Messenger for Mac is pretty good.

  • Microsoft MSN Messenger for Mac is available.

  • Skype is available on Mac OS-X.  Try to update your version as often as possible.

  • Proteus is excellent (although for a small fee).



  • Eclipse 4.0 is Ok.

  • JetBrains IDEA 4.5 is ok.

  • NetBeans 3.6 is good also. Good debugging and cvs support.



  • iTerm on sourceforge is good with support for tabs. This can replace the default


Java Console in your browsers like Mozilla




Other Utilities

  • Quick Silver is a utility that is freely available that can locate apps/files on your desktop with few keystrokes.

  • Launchbar is a similar utility to quick silver, but it seems to be able to index more files and runs faster than quick silver.


UML Tools


Java 5.0

  • Works fine on Mac OS X 10.4 - much faster than 1.4.2. Can also set as default JVM.


Jar Inspector

  • Nice utility that allows viewing and manipulating Jar, EAR, EJB archives. JAD decompiler built in.