Version 5

    Starting with 3.2, the process of making Jbpm work with different databases is a lot simpler than lower versions.


    The (wrong) point is that the db subdirectory of the distributions does not holds the scripts to create identity management and the users of the demo applications (think web console).

    You can go here to see how to create and populate the DB with a simple hibernate technique.



    Note that the sesame street database entries will not work for JBPM 3.2.1. For these, see the INSERT entries for the jbpm_id_ tables in the jbpmDB.script file in the

    server/jbpm/data/hypersonic directory



    Anyway, the only things to be modified are the jbpm-ds in the deploy directory, and the login-config.xml of the conf directory.


    More detailed instructions will follow.