Version 8

    Head (Branch 1.1)


    1. Preparation

    • Update version properties

      • build/ property lib.jbpm.bpel.version

    • Update the release notes. Make sure they include the jira release notes

      • bpel/dist/src/main/resources/runtime/release.notes.html

    • Create or move the cvs tag bpel_<version_with_underscores> (e.g. bpel_1_1_ga)

    • Verify references to the old version with a search


    2. Verification

    • Verify there are no outstanding issues in jira against this release

    • Check out the module jbpm.3 from using tag bpel_<version_with_underscores>

    • Verify that the properties jboss.home and jwsdp.home point to valid JBoss AS and JWSDP installations

      • If needed, override these properties in ${user.home}/jbpm/

      • Supported JBoss AS versions: 4.0.3.SP1, 4.0.5.GA and 4.2.0.GA

      • Supported JWSDP versions: 1.6 and 2.0

    • Run the test suite

      • Start the JBoss AS default configuration

      • In bpel/library, run the ant target test

      • If desired, run the target view.testresults to present the results in a browser