Version 5

    In jBPM, we are not religious about coding conventions.  But to keep things practical, we should avoid that we reformat each other's code, thereby generating many meaningless cvs-updates.  Please set your IDE code formatting settings as much as possible to the following :


    • use 2 space indents, no tabs

    • import each class separate.  We are in the process of converting from import ...; to separate imports for each class.  So if you are working in a class where this is not yet done, feel free to CTRLALTO (or in other words: organise imports)

    • use curly braces style like this


    void myMethod() { }




    In your IDE try to set the following as compiler warnings (then try to avoid those warnings:-)

    • code style (non-static access to static member, methods with a constructor name)

    • all potential programming problems (Serializable class without serialVersionUID, assignment has no effect, possible accidental boolean assignment, finally does not complete normally, empty statement, using a char array in string concatenation, hidden catch block)

    • name shadowing and conflicts (methods overridden but not package visible, interface method conglicts with protected 'Object'-method)

    • using deprecated API's

    • all unnecessary code (local variable is never read, parameter is never read, unused imports, unused or unread private members, unnecessary else statements, unnecessary cast or instanceof operations, unnecessary declaration of thrown checked exceptions)