Version 17

    This page is to assemble the conclusions of feedback discussions for the 3.2.Beta1 webapp.  The easiest way to get this up and running is the following:


    1) Download from sourceforge


    2) Unzip that file on your local drive


    3) Double click on jbpm-jpdl-3.2.Beta1/server/start.bat (for other OSs read that file and do something similar on your command line:-)


    4) Double click on jbpm-jpdl-3.2.Beta1/designer/designer.bat (for other OSs read that file and do something similar on your command line:-)


    5) Now you can already start playing with the websale process example in the console


    6) Or you can start creating and deploying new jBPM projects and process definitions with the wizards.




    I want to try something new to collect and digest all the web console feedback into conclusions.  Here's my proposal:


    1) For each feedback idea, please make a bullet in section 'Under discussion' in this page and create a topic in the jbpm dev forum where you explain the problem or suggestion


    2) Then have the discussion in the dev forum


    3) When a conclusion is reached in the forum discussion, it is added in this page with the initial idea


    4) Conclusions that require action should be moved to the 'Conclusions with action' section.  JIRA issues should be created for these actions


    5) Feedback that came to a conclusion and doesn't require action (because rejected or no action required) should be moved to the section 'Conclusions without action'



    Under discussion


    Create a new topic













    Conclusions with action


    Create a new JIRA issue


    Conclusions without action