Version 19

    1. Install the jdbc driver for ms sql server - create a folder lib/jtds and put jtds-1.1.jar into it(get jtds from


    2. in core/ add





    and comment out




    at the top of the file


    3. in core run


    ant generate.ddl


    This should create a file core/target/sql/create-jbpm-database.sql. If the ant task fails

    remove the ../ in in the file core/build.xml in the generate.ddl target.


    4. manually create a database "jbpm"


    5. manually create a user jbpmuser and add the users to the jbpm database as dbo.


    6. comment out all the drop statements at the top of the create_jbpm_database.sql file


    7. change the script for the JBPM_FILE.bytes field to IMAGE type


    create table JBPM_FILE (


       id NUMERIC(19,0) not null,


       name VARCHAR(255) null,


       definitionId NUMERIC(19,0) null,


       bytes IMAGE null,


       primary key (id)





    8. run the file in the jbpm database - since we removed the drop statements you should get a feedback with no errors at all. In Query Analyser this would be:


    The command(s) completed successfully.


    9. Uncomment the drop statements for future clean outs and keep the file somewhere handy (ant clean would remove it). You could script the db and user creation and keep them all together somewhere...


    10. in core/src/test/resources/ add













    hibernate.query.substitutions=true 1, false 0





    with the correct password for the jbpmuser.


    11. Change the testDatabaseFileMgr in FileMgrTest to


      public void testDatabaseFileMgr() throws Exception {
        long id = new Date().getTime();
        PersistenceSession persistenceSession = 
        persistenceSession.storeBytes( new Long(id), "org/jbpm/test/DatabaseFileMgrTest.bin", create5KbBinaryData() ); 
        byte[] retrievedBytes = persistenceSession.retrieveBytes( new Long(id), "org/jbpm/test/DatabaseFileMgrTest.bin" );
        assertEquals( new String(create5KbBinaryData()), new String( retrievedBytes ) );


    This fixes the problem that multiple runs of ant test fail since the id used is hardcoded to 1 in the original code.


    12. in core run


    ant test


    This should run without any failures.


    Up to here you have a fully working jbpm installation. I will get going and get the web and ejb app to work as well and document more here when I got it.








    To get the example to work add the hibernate properties from 10 in example/src/config/

    You should be able to run "ant test" as well as "ant deploy.process.archives" in the example folder.






    To get the web part to work add the hibernate properties from 10 in web/src/test/resources/ and web/src/jbpm.war/WEBINF/classes/ You should then be able to run


    ant test


    ant deploy


    ant deploy.process.archives


    and actually use the application on http://localhost:8080/jbpm

    (assuming you set up your jboss server and jbpm configuration already..)