Version 21

    This page collects all information for running JBoss jBPM on oracle.


    The file jbpm-ddl-updated.sql is not correct. If you go you will find directions for creating the proper oracle SQL insertion scripts, but it seems some people are having problems. Check the newest SQL file for an Oracle8i insertion script named "oracle.create.sql".



    Another file jbpm-ddl-updated.sql is now available (see attachments).

    It resolves two differences that can be found between the default schema and the oracle version which were causing exceptions to be thrown.  Specifically, a column named subToken was missing from the JBPM_EXELOG table.  Also a column named repeat_ in the JBPM_JOB table was missing its underscore.


    With this file, one also could update the table with following SQL statement (to avoid such error : ORA-12899: value too large for column "JBPM"."JBPM_EXELOG"."TEXT2" ):




         MODIFY TEXT2     VARCHAR2(4000)


    In order to clean your database, the file jbpm-ddl-truncatedb.sqlis now available. It clears the data in the database.


    Janarthanan Poornavel's best practices for jBPM on oracle




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