Version 8


    This istructions are for < 3.2 release !!

    Go Here for up to date instructions.








    - download "starters kit", unrar it


    - download and setup "ant"








    step1: in 'jbpm\lib' folder create 'postgresql' subfolder




    step2: copy postgresql-8.0-310.jdbc3.jar file from 'jbpm-db\postgresql\lib' into 'jbpm\lib\postgresql'




    step3: in 'jbpm\src\resources' folder, create 'postgresql' folder




    step4: copy and identity.db.xml file from 'hsqldb' folder into 'postgresql'




    step5: edit '' file like this: 










    step19: in 'jbpm-server\server\jbpm\deploy\jms' folder rename hsqldb-jdbc-state-service.xml file into postgres-jdbc-state-service.xml and replase in this file DefaultDS to PostgresDS 




    step20: in 'jbpm-server\server\jbpm\deploy\jms' folder delete 'hsqldb-jdbc2-service.xml' and copy 'postgres-jdbc-state-service.xml' from 'jbpm-server\doc\examples\jms' into 'jbpm-server\server\jbpm\deploy\jms' 




    step21: in 'jbpm-server\server\jbpm\deploy' folder edit 'ejb-deployer.xml':


         replace 'DefaultDS' to 'PostgresDS' 




    step22: from 'jbpm-server\server\bin' folder run command 'run -c jbpm'




    step23: open http://localhost:8080/jbpm