Version 3

    JBoss jBPM's out-off-the-box configuration is mainly targetted at portability.  Meaning that we want jBPM to run out of the box on as many environments as possible.  This wiki page will be a collection of tips and tricks for enhancing the jBPM performance, together with their tradeoff.


    ID generation

    For the jBPM execution data and logging data, the id generation strategy could be changed from 'native' to 'hilo'.  TODO discuss the requirements of hilo and clustering implications.



    If you don't need the historical logging and audit information, you can simply remove logging by removing the logging service line in the  jbpm-context element in the jbpm.cfg.xml configuration file.


    Analysing the SQL

    A very interesting utility in analysing the hibernate generated queries is hibernate configuration parameter

    .  That will tell for each query why it is executed.