Version 7
    1. Get the jbpm.dist module from CVS

      1. export

      2. cvs co jbpm.dist

    2. Extract the cvs version

      1. extract /bin/ to a temp folder

      2. add the cvs and zip binary to the beginning of your path

    3. Check jboss 4.0.3.SP1 (the jbpm will be bundling this in the release process)

    4. Modify the file to point to the 4.0.3.SP1 release

      1. jboss.home=c:/temp/jboss-4.0.3.SP1/jboss-4.0.3SP1

      2. Set JAVA_HOME to a jdk 1.5 version

    5. Run the build target 'ant checkout-and-create-dist' in jbpm.dist

    6. Take the resulting files for a test drive

      1. Unzip the starters-kit to a directory of your choice

      2. update property in the jbpm-designer/ file

      3. Use the jbpm-designer/build.xml script to install eclipse and the gpd in it

      4. Start the designer with jbpm-designer/designer.bat and the server with jbpm-server/start.bat

    7. Test the Eclipse GPD

      1. Open Eclipse from Starter Kit.

      2. Create a new jBPM project.

      3. Run the JUnit test case. It should run successfully.

      4. Open the process definition called "simple" and you should see the process graph.

    8. Test Web Application

      1. Follow the instructions at JbpmGettingStarted.

    9. Upload the files to

    10. Release the files with the 'File Releases' option in the sourceforge admin section

      1., and files should be put under the package 'a) jBPM 3'

      2. jbpm-gpd... files should be put under the package 'b) jBPM Process Designer'

      3. jbpm-bpel... files should be put under the package 'c) jBPM BPEL extension'

    11. Test the download to check if the files didn't get corrupt

    12. Publish the news

      1. To the mailing list: jbpm-users -at- lists -dot- sourceforge -dot- net

      2. On the JBoss blog

      3. On the jBPM news in the JBoss website

      4. Main releases might also be posted on the home page