Version 2

    Seam pages.xml editor


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    Have an editor for Seam pages.xml and .page.xml files.

    The editor should support both raw xml editing and graphical editing.

    The graphical editing should focus on the navigational aspect of pages.xml (e.g. it does not have to show everything, just the parts to do with pages/exceptions and navigations between them)


    Usecase 1: Create a new pages.xml quickly


    Jon Quick has an good overall idea of which pages he wants in his application and which navigation rules he would like to have. He wants to be able to create seam pages.xml with the minimum of interference. He uses the New Seam pages.xml wizard to create a new blank pages.xml and starts adding page nodes to the diagram.


    He should be able to click a "New page" icon and click where on the diagram he wants the page to be and then just type in the name of the page directly in the diagram and press Enter. No modal dialog should be required.


    When he has his pages created he wants to create the navigations between each page by simply clicking "New navigation rule" and click on the "source" page and then on the "destination" page to make a navigation rule from the source page to destination. He don't want to worry about what kind of navigation he wants yet (e.g. redirect, render, rule etc.)